If you’re interested in learning to kiteboard and are ready to take the plunge, you have come to the right place!  We offer a variety of private and group kitesurf lessons taught by experienced IKO certified instructors who can’t wait to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and confidently learn to ride.

From our 1 Day (2.5 – 3 hours) Discovery and Refresher courses, to our 3 day (7.5 – 9 hours) Get Independent package, to our most popular 5 Day (12.5 – 15 hours) Build Confidence package, we have a course that is right for you. In your first lesson, you will learn to set-up, launch and safely fly the kite in the wind window.  Your second lesson will focus on body dragging, using the power of the kite to pull you through the water.  In the third lesson, you will attempt your first water starts.  All equipment, kites, harnesses, helmets and boards are provided.

Although many people can stand up on the board and ride within six to nine hours, we recommend at least 12 to 15 hours of supervised instruction for new riders to increase confidence and ensure safety.  Kiteboarding/kitesurfing is a complicated and technical sport and can be dangerous without professional instruction.

Taking kiteboarding lessons from your friends or schools without certified instructors is not advisable and can be dangerous. Be sure to ask for proof of certification before you book your lessons with your instructor. Your enjoyment and safety are our priority, so sessions are 2.5 hours private so that you are focused and alert through your entire lesson.  From our experience, longer lessons often lead to more mistakes and less retention of what you are learning.IKO 2017 Member cards

Fast track your learning process with high quality, professional lessons from your IKO certified instructors at SAK!

Earn your IKO Member Card

Complete Level 2i to Level 3N  and receive your IKO member card. This card certifies your level on becoming an independent kiteboarder and will allow you to rent kiteboarding equipment anywhere in the world. Who is the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO)?

Kite Control & Safety

  • Set up and fly a two line training kite
  • Understand the wind window
  • Learn equipment and safety theory
  • Set up a four line kite
  • Learn the use of safety systems (quick release)
  • Practice kite flying skills hooked into a harness
  • Learn hand signals and kite etiquette
  • Practice launching and landing the kite with an assistant
  • Practice controlling the kite with one hand

Water Body Dragging

  • Learn advanced kite flying skills
  • Learn how to water relaunch the kite
  • Learn self sea rescue
  • Practice using the power stroke
  • Practice downwind body dragging
  • Practice advanced upwind body dragging
  • Learn how to body drag with your board and to retrieve your board
  • Begin to put the board on your feet and stay in the starting position

Water Start & First Ride

  • Practice self sea rescue
  • Learn techniques for getting up on the board
  • Use the power stroke to stand up
  • Attempt your first water start
  • Practice riding downwind in both directions
  • Learn to land and launch the kite on your own
  • Understand right-of-way rules on the water
  • Learn theory for finding your edge to stay upwind

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