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Jeremy bought his first kite in 2003 when safety systems were not yet standard parts of the kites.

In 2011, in the Netherlands, he became an IKO instructor.
Since then he has taught in Greece, Spain, New York City, Mexico and the Columbia River Gorge.
Now a level three instructor, Jeremy continues to passionately introduce and instruct new students to the world of kitesurfing.
A Canadian born national, and European raised, he speaks multiple languages including Dutch, German and Spanish.

“Kite surfing is my biggest addiction, and I want to share it with the world.” – Jeremy

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by Matthew Marson on Blank Business Name
Jermey is just awesome!

What a great coach. Jeremy is a all around good guy. Made my 2 lessons dun and enjoyable. After 2 days of working with Jeremy i was able to water start with board. I would give him a 10 star rating if it was possible. I plan to get more classes from him in the future.Thanks dude

by R. Sandler on Blank Business Name
Excellent first lesson got me up riding

For my first private 3 hr lesson, Jeremy was ideal. He focused on ensuring that I fully understood all the safety knowledge and gear. He also showed me how to properly handle the gear and be a respectful noob. When we got out into the water to practice body and board dragging he provided detailed coaching that got me ready to try water starts in about 2 hr 15 min. I had a hard time figuring it out, but he kept giving me encouragement and guidance that allowed me to get up and set my edge a few times before falling. In the last hour, it became pretty crowded and Jeremy was really good about explaining how to safely respond to the kites and calmed my nerves. Would highly recommend Jeremy for a lesson at any level.