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You must be at least 12 years of age to learn to kiteboard, and you are never too old. In regard to fitness, people of all shapes and sizes kiteboard. Strength (especially in the core), flexibility, and endurance will help you to progress more quickly in the sport, but are not prerequisites for learning. In fact, kiteboarding is a great way to get into shape! The only physical requirement is the ability to swim. Beyond that, we match the appropriate kite to your size and the wind conditions. In a nutshell, with the same wind speed, the bigger the person, the bigger the kite, the smaller the person, the smaller the kite. Don’t worry, you’re not going to fly away. You’ll be perfectly safe as long as you listen to your instructor.

Yes! We provide all the latest equipment including, kites, harnesses, floatation vests, wetsuits, shoes and kiteboards for all your kiteboarding lessons. We also provide two way radio communication so that you stay connected to your instructor at all times and either a boat or a jet ski to transport you upwind when you get to the water start stage. We do recommend bringing your own wetsuit and water shoes if you have your own.

We do provide wetsuits but we recommend bringing your own as sizing can be an issue for some people. Also, water shoes (if you own them), hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and water. We provide the rest!

IKO, International Kiteboarding Organization, is the world’s largest kiteboard training organization. To become an IKO affiliated center, kiteboarding schools must meet high standards of set criteria that ensure their commitment to quality and safety. IKO instructors are trained to teach using IKO’s safe, progressive method which helps you to reach your goals faster and with confidence. We do not recommend taking lessons from your kiteboarding friends or schools without certified instructors.

That all depends on you! Each person’s kiteboarding progression is different. If you excel at the sport, we will not hold you back, and if you need more time to feel comfortable, we will not push you. On average it takes about three lessons to stand up on the board and ride a short distance. We recommend five lessons, however, to increase your confidence, ensure safety and become fully independent.
The IKO progression is as follows: In your first lesson you will learn kite safety and begin to master your kite control. This is typically a land-based lesson. In your second lesson you will begin to use the power of the kite to pull your body through the water. In your third lesson you will put the board on your feet and attempt your first water starts. Most people can only ride in one direction at this point and don’t necessarily feel confident to go out on their own. Within 5 lessons you will be riding in both directions and will fully understand safety and self-rescue techniques to avoid emergency situations.
Short on time? We can combine two lessons into one day!

Private lessons are conducted at a 1:1 ratio and consist of one student, one instructor, and one kite. Semi-Private lessons are conducted at a 2:1 ratio and consist of two students, one instructor, and two kites. Group lessons are conducted at a 2:1 ratio and consist of two students, one instructor, and one kite. Group lessons cost less than private lessons, so bring your friends, family members, or partners! A maximum of three people may be permitted on a lesson upon request. All equipment is provided for your course.

Here’s how our pricing structure works: The more lessons you buy upfront, the cheaper the hourly rate. Single lessons are the most expensive if you pay as you go through the course. You pay less for more with our 3 lessons Get Independent package and even less for even more with our 5 lessons Confident Rider package. We also have the Ultimate rider package which is designed to give you a full immersion into kiteboarding for the whole season in 12 lessons. Group lessons are less expensive so try to get a buddy to join you to save money and you’ll have a friend to go kiteboarding with at the end of your course.

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