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Operating professional kiteboard and wing lessons since 2015 in The Columbia River Gorge WA (June-Sept) and St Petersburg FL(Oct-May). Open 7 Days a week

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Columbia River Gorge Lyle WA

Lyle remains a hidden gem in the Columbia River Gorge for those eager to learn kiteboarding and wing foiling. Situated only 12 minutes east of Hood River, it's a beginner-friendly spot boasting consistent winds and some of the safest conditions available in the Gorge. With its shallow waters, expansive sandbar, and ample open spaces for riding, Lyle is the perfect escape for those seeking to avoid the bustling crowds at the Hood River event site.

Tampa Bay St. Petersburg FL

St. Petersburg offers ideal conditions for kiteboarding and wing foiling. Situated on a peninsula between Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, it provides opportunities to venture onto the water regardless of wind direction. The gentle winds of Florida and the warm, shallow waters of Tampa Bay facilitate an easy and enjoyable learning experience for kiteboarding and wing foiling.

Kite Trips: South Africa & Caribbean

Join us as we explore some of the world's premier kiteboarding destinations. Our current adventures include kitesurf safaris in South Africa and sailing kitesurf charters through the Grenadines. Immerse yourself in exotic cultures, savor delectable cuisine, and discover hidden kiteboarding gems alongside fellow adventurers and explorers on these unforgettable journeys.


Professional kiteboarding & wing lessons, kite trips, and gear sales.

Kiteboard & Wing Lessons Year Round

We are an IKO certified school providing beginner to advanced kiteboarding and wing lessons in Washington and Florida. Due to the seasonality of wind sports, we run our summer season in the Columbia River Gorge in Lyle, WA from June to September and the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons in Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg Florida from October to May.

Dare to take an adventure!?

At the end of September we operate a 10 Day Kite Safari Downwinder in Brazil and Between Jan-Feb, we operate kiteboarding trips to Cape Town and Eastern Cape South Africa and a Kite 'n Sail charter exploring the Caribbean Islands on a luxury Catamaran.

Buy the latest kiteboarding equipment

We are always selling used gear from our school as well as new kiteboarding equipment from our favorite partners, Ozone, PLKB, Reedin, Cabrinha and Dakine

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We offer lessons and sales from some of the best kiteboarding equipment brands in the industry

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