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The North Skyway Beach

Explore the North Skyway Beach in St. Petersburg, Florida, a perfect sanctuary for honing kiteboarding and wing foiling skills. The winds peak from October to June, making it a hotspot for kiteboarding and wing foiling enthusiasts of all levels.

Nestled where Tampa Bay meets the Gulf of Mexico, Skyway Beach provides shallow waters perfect for beginners to learn and build their kiteboarding confidence, as well as smooth conditions that allow more advanced riders to experiment with new tricks.

Kite boarding Lessons North Skyway beach Tampa Florida

Regardless of the wind’s direction, the possibilities for kiteboarding and wing foiling on the water are limitless. This unique feature guarantees that time on the water is fully utilized.

Our tailored lessons are designed to suit your individual learning style, complemented by the latest high-end kiteboarding gear from esteemed brands such as Ozone, PLKB, Reedin, Dakine, and Cabrinha. We also offer Jet Ski support and are the sole school in the vicinity providing uninterrupted radio communication for improved safety and instruction.

We take pride in being the only official IKO certified center in the area, upholding IKO’s safety standards and instructional methods. We ensure your safety by supplying all essential safety equipment, including helmets, life vests, and radio communication, particularly for those thrilling excursions that take you out of earshot of your instructor.

Benefit from the knowledge of our IKO certified instructors, who boast thousands of hours of teaching, ensuring a swift and enjoyable learning curve. Choosing an instructor with extensive experience is crucial for rapid advancement and a pleasurable experience.

We offer kiteboarding and wing foiling lessons in St. Petersburg, the Tampa Bay area, Sarasota, Bradenton, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, and nearby regions. Additionally, we have a selection of new and pre-owned premium equipment available for purchase after your lessons.

To book a lesson, utilize our easy-to-use secure online booking system, or contact us by phone at +1 971 295 7337 or email at sakitesurf@gmail.com.


North Skyway Beach Lessons & Courses

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Our Stoked Students

Ari ManosAri Manos
18:26 13 Apr 24
Me and my wife had a wonderful time. We both felt way more confident with our kite control. 10/10 would kite again with SA kitesurfing adventures.
Jill BroderickJill Broderick
14:21 12 Apr 24
Dale is the consummate instructor: experienced, knowledgeable, patient, and calm with an easy laugh that keeps things fun. I’m 72 years old, and I thought perhaps my time for learning to kite surf had passed. Thanks to Dale that wasn’t the case, and I now have a new sport I love.
Gregg BrownGregg Brown
01:50 26 Mar 24
Dale was great to work with. Had a ton of communication ahead time to coordinate the lesson and was incredibly patient and informative during our session. I definitely feel like I now have a great baseline to build from on my kiteboard journey!
FreeLance Dog TrainingFreeLance Dog Training
16:33 12 Mar 24
Great instructor! Made lots of improvement in two lessons.
David GeDavid Ge
18:23 13 Jan 24
Dale is the absolute best kiteboarding coach. He’s super kind, patient, and obviously loves what he does. He gives you very precise feedback to make significant progress during your learning process. Highly recommended for all your kiteboarding dreams!!
Ic gIc g
19:10 20 Dec 23
Had so much fun, and Every lesson just kept getting me hooked more to the sport. Thanks for being patient with me when teaching, but also thanks for making me always feel safe, and self rescue tips, cant wait until next time!
Devin BallamDevin Ballam
14:59 13 Dec 23
Elijah BurroughsElijah Burroughs
04:05 17 Oct 23
The only thing I regret is not trying this sooner.. The training was a lot of fun, good workout, plus Dale is genuinely a cool guy to be around. Good experience, I will be back and going to be shredding it like cheddar by the end of the season
Wayne YWayne Y
15:31 27 May 23
Dale was an amazing instructor. Had multiple sessions with him after trying the sport in Greece. Referred my friends and they had a blast as well.
Cathryn BurkeCathryn Burke
19:18 19 May 23
Had a blast taking lessons from Dale. His patience and knowledge are top notch! Not only did Dale help me build confidence with kite control, he also educated me on tons of kiting safety. Thanks Dale
Nick TarsiNick Tarsi
20:16 30 Apr 23
SA Kitesurf with Dale was fantastic. Had a great experience for my first time kiteboarding (4-hours) and was able to get up and riding in that time.. highly recommend and can’t wait to get out there again!
James BrittonJames Britton
22:50 18 Apr 23
Great time! Dale is a awesome instructor especially for me and my brother trying for first time, 5 stars!
Dennis MillerDennis Miller
01:55 12 Apr 23
Dale was great, very knowledgeable, and fun to work with. Highly recommend! Had a blast
Shanae CalkinsShanae Calkins
18:15 23 Mar 23
SA Kitesurf Adventures is top notch! From our first lesson with Ivan and our subsequent lessons with Dale they place great emphasis on the safety aspects of the sport. Very important and highly respected. They coach clear and concise and help you understand the things you must improve to get riding. Can’t wait for our next lesson! Thank you for being amazing!
Melissa MurrayMelissa Murray
18:13 22 Mar 23
We’ve had a great experience learning to kitesurf with SA Kitesurf Adventures. Dale and Ivan are wonderful instructors as they are patient, knowledgeable and skilled. They had us riding a board by the 3rd lesson. We highly recommend SA Kitesurf Adventures.
Drew ZalkindDrew Zalkind
14:03 16 Mar 23
Dale and team was great in teaching me basics of kite surfing. Very knowledgeable and great one-on-one attention. Successfully, got me up and riding the board. Definitely, will continue my lessons with them, when I am back in St Pete
Paul KnopfPaul Knopf
20:11 29 Dec 22
I had a great time learning with Dale. He was a great teacher. He knew just what to say to make things click for me and get me going up-wind. The walky talkies were also clutch. I highly recommend this guy!!
Ryan LRyan L
01:34 22 Dec 22
Dale is the man. I traveled across the country just to learn to kiteboard in the tampa area for a week. I had one other well reviewed instructor in the area before meeting Dale. He squeezed me in on my last day and I learned more from him in one day vs three from others. He explains things well and can answer any kiteboarding question. He corrected my issue and had me riding upwind confidently. Highly recommended!
Maria DuhovichMaria Duhovich
19:14 21 Nov 22
Such a great way to learn kiting in no time! So happy I took the lesson! The jetski support is extremely helpful! I had such a great time! Highly recommend ☺️
Jared KovachJared Kovach
15:13 21 May 22
Dale turned me into an independent kiter in no time. Great and patient instructor, can’t recommend enough.
Brian HaywardBrian Hayward
23:24 18 Apr 22
I had a superb refresher lesson with Dale at the St. Pete’s location. It might be the most ideal setup imaginable… shallow flat water with an outstanding instructor following you on a Jetski. I’ve had other lessons, but this was by far my most fun and beneficial.
Gareth TaskerGareth Tasker
09:20 07 Apr 22
Went out with Dale for beginner lesson. Only prior experience I have had related to kiteboarding was flying a trainer kite. By the end of the day Dale had me up for a few short rides. Great experience, good instruction. Will be back for more.
Gretchen PotschkaGretchen Potschka
12:02 04 Apr 22
I have had a fabulous experience learning to kitesurf with SAKitesurf Adventures. Instructors are patient, knowledgeable and skilled. Most importantly, they take safety of everyone on and off the water very seriously. Lessons are tailored to individual needs and every bit of progress celebrated. There’s a lot to learn about kitesurfing and you can trust SAKitesurf to teach you!
Joseph KussurelisJoseph Kussurelis
00:49 01 Apr 22
Was my first time trying to kite surf it was lots of fun and I would recommend it 10/10. Dale was a great instructor and made it a lot of fun.
Lee EnszLee Ensz
16:54 15 Mar 22
SA is awesome. We proved you could teach old dogs new tricks!!!😂 Thanks Dale
D DubyaD Dubya
21:41 09 Mar 22
Dale did a great job instructing me on my first kite surfing lesson. He was knowledgeable, patient, friendly, and a pleasure to be around. Provided quality and functional equipment for the lesson. Highly recommend!
Jeff MillerJeff Miller
17:51 12 Dec 19
SA Kitesurf is a great group to train with. I had the opportunity to learn to kitesurf with 2 sessions in Lyle WA east of Hood River and just completed my 3rd near the Skyway in St Pete FL with Dale. I recommend getting into lessons if you think you’d enjoy the sport. I have no regrets!

Weather Forecast

Take a look at the weather forecast and determine what days you may be available to do a lesson. We typically need around 12kt+ gusts to be able to fly a kite, so look for higher wind periods in the week and book through our online booking system accordingly. If you’re not sure, just give us call and we’ll be happy to help you book over the phone.

Get The PLKB Starter Package

A perfect setup for all levels from beginner to advanced riders. Exceptional quality for the cost!

Want a Free kiteboarder eBook by IKO?

IKO Kiteboarders eBook


Here’s an excellent resource for learning to kiteboard and a great way to get started right now on your progression to become a proficient and confident kiteboarder. Just send us your email and we’ll send it to you.

IKO-Kite-School-650SAll our lessons are certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization which means you are receiving the best and safest possible kiteboarding instruction available. We do not recommend taking lessons from instructors who are not IKO certified as they have not been through the proper training to be able to teach all the kiteboarding skills correctly. The levels below show the IKO set teaching standards that all our experienced instructors follow. Once you have completed your course you will receive an IKO member card which will allow you to rent kiteboarding equipment from any IKO affiliated center in the world.



Meet Your Instructor

IKO Level 3 - over 10 000 hours of training.


Most frequent questions and answers

You should be at least 12 years of age to learn to kiteboard, and you are never too old. In regard to fitness, people of all shapes and sizes kiteboard. Strength (especially in the core), flexibility, and endurance will help you to progress more quickly in the sport, but are not prerequisites for learning. In fact, kiteboarding is a great way to get into shape! The only physical requirement is the ability to swim. Beyond that, we match the appropriate kite to your size and the wind conditions. In a nutshell, with the same wind speed, the bigger the person, the bigger the kite, the smaller the person, the smaller the kite. Don’t worry, you’re not going to fly away. You’ll be perfectly safe as long as you listen to your instructor.

Yes! We provide all the latest equipment including, kites, harnesses, floatation vests, wetsuits, shoes and kiteboards for all your kiteboarding lessons. We also provide two way radio communication so that you stay connected to your instructor at all times and either a boat or a jet ski to transport you upwind when you get to the water start stage. We do recommend bringing your own wetsuit and water shoes if you have your own.

We do provide wetsuits but we recommend bringing your own as sizing can be an issue for some people. Also, water shoes (if you own them), hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and water. We provide the rest!

IKO, International Kiteboarding Organization, is the world’s largest kiteboard training organization. To become an IKO affiliated center, kiteboarding schools must meet high standards of set criteria that ensure their commitment to quality and safety. IKO instructors are trained to teach using IKO’s safe, progressive method which helps you to reach your goals faster and with confidence. We do not recommend taking lessons from your kiteboarding friends or schools without certified instructors.

That all depends on you! Each person’s kiteboarding progression is different. If you excel at the sport, we will not hold you back, and if you need more time to feel comfortable, we will not push you. On average it takes about 6 hours to stand up on the board and ride a short distance. We recommend 12.5 hours, however, to increase your confidence, ensure safety and become fully independent.
The IKO progression is as follows: In your first lesson you will learn kite setup, safety and begin to master your kite control. In your second lesson you will begin to use the power of the kite to pull your body through the water and learn the body dragging technique. In your third lesson you will put the board on your feet and attempt your first water starts. Most people can only ride in one direction at this point and don’t necessarily feel confident to go out on their own. After 12 hours of training you should be riding in both directions and will fully understand safety and self-rescue techniques to avoid emergency situations.
Short on time? We can combine two lessons into one day and fast track you to the board!

Private lessons consist of one student, one instructor, and one kite. Semi-Private lessons consist of two students, one instructor, and two kites. Group lessons consist of two students, one instructor, and one kite. Group lessons cost less than private lessons, so bring your friends, family members, or partners! A maximum of three people on a discovery lesson. All equipment is provided for your kiteboarding course.

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