PLKB Gambit Kiteboarding Package

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The Gambit kiteboarding package is the perfect package for all kiteboarding levels from beginner to advanced riders. This all-rounder freeride package is a blast on the water and is an excellent setup for any kiteboarder looking to progress fast. Experience the apex of design and innovation with this top-of-the-line kiteboarding equipment package. Choose any kite size from 4m – 14m and pick any board size 133, 136, 139 or 142 cm. Once you make your purchase, we’ll call you to get your gear ready and shipped.

Package includes:

  • Kite, bag, repair kit, pump
  • Control bar with kite leash
  • Board with straps, foot pads, handle and fins
  • Harness with spreader bar

The Gambit v2

Introducing the next generation PLKB Gambit V2 – the ultimate all-around kite for every rider. This kite has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a better, more responsive flying experience with a range of new features and improvements.

Firstly, we’ve made some changes to the plan view, resulting in a lighter and faster steering experience with less bar pressure. The new profile provides better performance, stability and hangtime, allowing for more confidence when riding. Using Teijin materials on the leading edge and canopy, resulting in a more direct feeling with less stretch over the span.

The new Gambit V2 also has a more rounded tip for a better relaunch and is lighter, allowing it to fly in even less wind. We’ve adjusted the LE thickness for a lighter feel with less drag while ensuring stiffness is maintained where it matters. With fewer bridle lines, there’s less drag and a shorter piece of unsheathed Dyneme line to keep the kite in better tune for longer.

But that’s not all – the Gambit V2 also provides more lift, is better at looping, and is more versatile than ever before. This kite truly is an all-around performer, providing endless fun for riders of all skill levels, while larger one-pump valves and tubes make it easy to set up and inflate. Finally, Kevlar reinforcements on spots that get a lot of abrasions ensure that the Gambit V2 is built to last.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, the PLKB Gambit V2 has everything you need to take your riding to the next level. With its new features and improvements, this kite is ready to help you tackle any challenge that comes your way.

The Compass Control Bar

The all new Compass Bar has been redesigned with a new Quick Release with easy Click Recovery. Many new features such as Ceramic Ball Bearings, Pre-Stretched SK75 lines, 3D grip, Replaceable Loops and with new looks, the Compass bar is all you need.

The Compass Bar LEI will replace the Navigator, Aviator and Magnet Bar. The bar comes in 2 versions; the LEI and FOIL version, but they are interchangeable. The LEI version comes with 22m lines and is easy to be complemented with a 5th line and brake line to be used for the Lynx and Raw. The FOIL version comes with 18m lines and includes a brake line.

The Patrol V3 Kiteboard

The Patrol is designed to be a comfortable freeride board with great upwind abilities. As a true progression board, it will take riders from their first water-start all the way to their first jumps and tricks. A great weapon to have in your arsenal when you want a comfortable easy-riding session!

The Dakine Chameleon Harness

The Chameleon harness – is a convertible waist to seat harness – ideal for those who are undecided in harness type or desire to have both harness options in one. The Waist portion features a cumber-bun waist closure, eva lumbar padding and pre-curves PEB inner support structure – combined in a comfort fit design. The Seat portion is a soft lower with leg straps and easily velcros into the upper waist section for a secure fit. This is a Nice Harness for both windsurfing and kite use.

– Waist and Seat harness in one
– Removable seat harness attachment
– Pre-Curved P.E.B. inner support structure
– Featherweight ES foam molded lumbar pad
– Integrated handle and leash attachment
– Left or right side leash attachment rings
– Single overlap power belt

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