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Kiteboarding St Petersburg Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida is a prime location for kitesurfing due to its warm climate and access to the shallow waters of Tampa Bay and the beautiful white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. The city boasts several kitesurfing spots that offer something for every level of kiteboarder, from beginners to experienced riders. Here are a few top kitesurfing spots in St. Petersburg, Florida.

North Skyway Beach Kiteboarding

North Skyway Beach

East Side: Located on the East side of the freeway, the North Skyway Beach Rest Area is a favorite spot for kiteboarding among locals. When the North Easterly wind blows in from the bay, you can expect a lot of kite action going on. The area offers a wide, shallow beach for kiteboarding with plenty of space to launch and ride. The water is usually calm, making it a good spot for beginners and advanced riders to show case some cool tricks. The rest area also offers restrooms nearby for a convenient and excellent kitesurfing experience. You can expect 12-20knts on most North Easterly winds.
West Side: Located on the West side of the freeway, the North Skyway Beach is another favorite among locals and offers a smaller beach for rigging and a large shallow area for riding. During really low tide periods, the area can be two shallow to ride in some places. This is also another great easy spot for beginners with calm water. There is a channel for boats near by so be sure not to venture into the channel if you are still learning to kiteboard. There are also large trees near the launch site so be careful not to get too close. You'll see a lot of kite action at this location on the Southerly and North Westerly winds. You can expect 12-30 knots from the South and 12-20knts from he North West sea breeze coming from the Gulf of Mexico.

Fort De Soto Park

North Beach: Located on the southern tip of St. Petersburg, North Beach at Fort De Soto Park is a popular spot for kitesurfing on the Westerly winds due to the small lagoon with shallow water and the wave swell on the Gulf side of the Beach area. The park offers a designated kitesurfing area, so you'll need to walk about 0.5 miles to the most Northern point of the beach and launch next to the lagoon. There are also nearby restrooms and family picnic areas for BBQing. The lagoon is ideal for beginners and advanced riders looking to pop tricks on flat water. The wave action on the outside of the lagoon can also be a blast for those looking to kitesurf and Wing Foil.
East Beach: Located on the opposite end of Fort De Soto Park is another popular spot for kitesurfing due to its shallow water and large grassy area for launching. Locals will kite this spot on Easterly or Southerly winds, 12-25 knots.

Pass-a-Grille and St. Pete Beach

Located just south of St. Pete Beach, Pass-a-Grille Beach is a lesser-known spot for kitesurfing that offers a more secluded experience kiteboarding on the Gulf of Mexico. The beach is wide and offers plenty of space for riders to launch and ride. The water is usually pretty calm with the Southerly winds and a lot more choppy with the Northerly winds. Sometimes the current can be pretty strong and can make it a challenge to stay upwind if the wind is on the lighter side. You can also do a South to North downwinder from Pass-a-Grille to Treasure Island or the other way depending on the wind conditions. Expect Southerly, Westerly and Northerly winds from 12-25 knots on average. You'll need to pay parking $3.50 per hour.

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