How to safely self-land your kite in any conditions

I have been using this self-landing technique for over 5 years now and it’s a really a simple and safe way to land your kite in any wind conditions while you are kiteboarding solo. The key is getting the timing just right. Remember to practice this technique in light wind conditions first until you feel like you have the timing super dialed in.

Key Points

  • Start with the kite at 12 o’clock locate which side the flag line is on
  • Make sure the flag line is the one on top when you go to fly the kite down to land it.
  • Use the trim line to depower the kite
  • Fly the kite down to the edge of the wind window at a downward angle as you move towards the wind. We are trying to fly the kite out of the wind window
  • Just before the kite gets to the ground let go the bar and use the quick release
  • Immediately pull down hard on your safety leash to activate the flag system on your bar and flag the kite.
  • Never do this with people around you incase it doesn’t work out as planned
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