How to self launch and land a kite from a jet ski or boat

Let’s say you don’t have a good launching spot where you live or you have found a primo spot to kite but its only accessible by boat and there is no beach to launch from or maybe you just live on a lake and want to kiteboard where you live. The video below will teach you everything you need to know on launching and landing your kiteboarding kite from a jet ski or boat. I’ll outline the key points to remember when using the technique.


  • Setup your kite with the bar/lines downwind
  • perform a very neat self-rescue, wrapping the flag line around the back of the bar
  • Wrap all the lines around the front side of the bar
  • secure your lines with a half hitch
  • while keeping your struts inflated, deflate the leading edge
  • Roll the kite up from one wing tip to the other, taking care your bar stays clear of the kite
  • Load the kite on the vessel and head to a safe secluded spot somewhere upwind
  • Anchor the vessel so that the bow is pointing into the wind
  • Unroll the kite off the back of the vessel, keeping your bar away from the kite
  • Pump up the leading edge and turn the over, lying it flat on the water
  • Check and clear your lines for any tangles
  • Now slowly and controlled, let out all the lines wrapped around the front side of the bar
  • Now start unwinding the flag line, remember to hang onto the flag line until you get hooked in
  • Once you are hooked in (Leash and chicken loop), start feeding the flagline until the kite powers up
  • Now pull gently on the steering line to bring the kite to the edge of the wind window to launch it.


  • Bring the kite down to the edge of the wind window, let go the bar and use your quick release
  • Now perform a neat self-rescue, Flagline on the back and all the lines on the front
  • Once the lines are wrapped up, use a half hitch to secure the lines
  • keeping the struts inflated, Deflate the leading edge
  • Roll up the kite starting from the flagline side
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