We’re excited to present the all-new Nova V2! Be the first and last on the water, jump the highest or race up- or downwind, there is no Wing that can beat the fun with the Nova V2!

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The new Nova has been redefined and offers a lot more than you could see at first sight. The Dynamic profile of the Nova ensures the perfect combination between stability and ease of use, while creating a superfast and agile foil with a massive depower range. The new Nova is made of Skytex 32 making it a very lightweight wing that flies even in the lightest breeze. Developed for foil riders that want maximum stability with only little wind, while progressing in speed and racing.

The Nova’s innovative Dynamic profile makes the kite adjustable across its entire depower reach. Depowering the Nova creates a full reflex profile for more stability and control. Powering the Nova will release something spectacular resulting in a superfast and agile wing.
PLKB Nova V2 action 1Every size has been developed individually to maximize performance. Each size comes with a different Aspect Ratio, Cell count and profile. This year we also introduce the 15- and 18-meter ‘SuperNova’. These performance wings were developed with more race behavior for foil- and buggy riders in mind.

The Nova has been thoroughly tested, in many different conditions; on Twin-tips, by Foil riders, Buggy riders and even on ski’s in a 2000km endurance trip in the Artic circle by Eric Leegwater, all to make sure that you get the best. A versatile and intuitive wing that makes you want to Never Stop Playing.

The Nova is made of durable Skytex 32 and with a weight starting at 1.11 kg, it gets you up on the water with only a few knots. The one-way inlets were redesigned to create an even more airtight foil that makes water relaunches effortless, even in low wind conditions.

The new Nova V2 is a super versatile kite that you can easily fly as an Lei kite while enjoying all benefits of a Foil kite at the same time; small packing, large wind range, huge big air and a competitive top speed.


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6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 18m

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