Beginner Wing Foil Package

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The perfect starter package for anyone looking to get into wing foiling. The Unifiber gear is top quality, and this will be an ideal setup to grow into as a beginner.

The Wing

The Aviator is an all-round wing with an exceptional wind range. Designed for riders looking for a balanced and versatile wing, it remains stable and responsive when cruising, wave riding or hitting big airs.
When flagged out the Aviator drifts smoothly without getting in the way. Yet, even when completely depowered, the wing maintains its responsive nature, switching from drift to acceleration as the rider commands.
An elliptical leading-edge shape and an S-shaped strut provide balanced weight and power distribution. Separate filler valves allow for precise inflation control. The Aviator’s handles – ergonomically shaped and positioned for efficient power delivery – reduce fatigue on the forearms and allow for longer sessions.
The aspect ratio of the Aviator varies through the size range so that the wing feels the same in all conditions.

  • A-grade Dimension-Polyant Dacron offers best strength to weight ratio
  • Kevlar reinforcements and scuff pads preserve wing durability
  • Pre-shaped ergonomic handles reduce stress to the forearms
  • TPU bladder material from Japan – low weight and high durability
  • Strong Dyneema loops for harness lines and leash
  • Supplied with a neat wing carry-bag for safe transportation
  • Supplied with a 6-foot elastic wrist leash

The Board

Impulse wing boards are designed for those looking to start winging and progress quickly! With their ample width, generous volume and inflatable construction, these boards are super stable under feet and quick to take off. The nose rocker has an extra kick that makes touchdown softer and safer. Impulse is built around a long rigid carbon plate positioned under the foot straps area. This technology – combined with Fusion Composite Drop stitch construction – helps the Impulse to achieve a level of stiffness that is more often reserved for composite boards, but with all advantages of an inflatable board. The deck pad is covered with diamond and directional grooves that provide the rider with maximum grip. Impulse wing board is supplied with Unifiber Comfort Foot straps that can be bolted into the embedded inserts. Bigger 6’0 model features a baseplate insert meaning that it can also be used as a wing foiling board.

  • Compact for storage and travel
  • Fusion Composite Drop stich – best weight to stiffness ratio
  • Long Carbon Composite Skeleton Plate makes for a very stiff board
  • Carbon plate is compatible with all US-plate foil adapters
  • Sharp PVC edge generates less drag and assists with earlier take off
  • Foot strap inserts prevent twisting
  • Superb grip with the diamond groove pad in the middle and directional groove pad on the tail
  • Supplied with a high-quality double action pump (use double-action to inflate quicker, use single-action to reach higher pressure)
  • Supplied with an ergonomic backpack
  • 6’0 only: Friction Platform prevent baseplate over-tensioning
  • To prevent possible damage do not use excessive force to roll up your board, and do not put any weight onto the rolled-up board in storage
  • 6’0 only: Use a cardan type baseplate to connect a windsurf rig

The Hydrofoil

Designed to lift off early in minimal breeze, the Navigator is a perfect hydrofoil for beginner and intermediate riders. With its voluminous shape and powerful profile, the front wing is tailored toward a comfortable, safe flight at low speeds. To give rider more control over the flight and reduce the severity of any wipe-outs, the foil is mounted on a 75 cm aluminum mast. Carbon layup for both the front wing and tail stabilizer minimizes flex and weight. All foil components are assembled with 8 mm countersunk hex-head stainless screws that are resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage. The Navigator comes equipped with a plate mount as standard.

  • Front wing provides an early lift
  • Front wing and stabilizer carbon layup minimizes weight and flex
  • Stainless steel 8mm countersunk hex-head screws
  • Supplied with a screwdriver and a padded foil bag
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