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Wing Foiling Lessons Near Hood River

Operating 7 days a week | June 1st to September 3rd

Wing Foiling has captivated enthusiasts worldwide! Look out across the Columbia River on a windy day, and you’ll see wing foilers smoothly sailing over the swell, their joy evident in their beaming smiles. This exhilarating new wind sport is a sight to behold.

Let’s explore wing foiling in The Gorge: What is Wing Foiling? It’s a fusion of kitesurfing, windsurfing, and surfing. The main draw? Utilizing the ocean’s energy to carve through the water and have a blast. It’s less about speed or high jumps and more about the sheer pleasure of water riding. Picture yourself almost levitating as you glide above the water, hitting speeds up to 30 mph with ease.

Why Wing Foiling? Hydrofoil technology lets you soar even in under 10 knots of wind. Setting up for wing foiling is easier than other wind sports, reducing strain on your hands and body. It’s likened to skiing on fresh powder—silent, simple, and thrilling.

A Bit of History: Tony Logosz initiated hand-held wing tests in 2015, enabling immediate foiling without traditional windsurfing sails or kites. Soon after, Slingshot released the Slingwing, and other models followed, establishing wing foiling as a unique sport.

Get Ready to Ride: Sign up for a lesson, collect your equipment (wing, foil, board), and venture into the waters with SAK. Master wing handling on land, learn to tack against the wind, and activate the foil. Before long, you’ll be soaring with ease, navigating the Columbia Rivers swells. If you’re seeking an exciting escapade, wing foiling is calling your name.

Secure a spot in our beginner wing foiling course, and we’ll outfit you with all the specialized equipment, customized for your size and weight to match the wind conditions. Each lesson spans at least two and a half hours, encompassing a wide array of skills—from setup and dry land wing handling to understanding wind theory and sailing points. We’ll support you as you learn to cruise on your knees, transition smoothly to standing, and manage your speed and direction while aboard. Plus, you’ll experience the exhilaration of your first foil lifts.

Every lesson is enhanced with dingy support and radio communication, included at no extra charge, to boost your learning and ensure your safety. With our commitment to quality instruction and the latest gear, you’ll see why we’re the go-to destination in the Columbia River Gorge area for wing foiling enthusiasts. Reserve your beginner

Wing foil Lessons in The gorge

We operate our wing foil lessons in the Columbia River from the Lyle sand bar. Our lessons are around 2.5 hours long and we provide all the equipment necessary. We start by teaching you all the basics of how to setup the gear and handle the wing on land. Once you feel comfortable, we’ll start training you on how to stand on the foil board and how to sail in an upwind direction. If you go downwind, we have a dingy to help bring you back upwind. Once you are maintaining balance on the board, your instructor will teach you how to start riding on the foil. If you choose a wing course, we’ll have the opportunity to try a tow foil lesson behind the dingy on a no wind day.  Lessons can be a lot more fun with a buddy so encourage a friend to join you. 

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Scott HawkenScott Hawken
23:56 20 Aug 22
Highest recommendation for SA Kites, both for kiteboarding lessons and purchasing gear. They run a great business with an awesome sense of community. Everyone there is helpful and excited to make you better.Three of us each took 5 lessons in Lyle as complete beginners. We made a ton of progress and had a lot of fun. Afterward, we felt safe and competent enough to go out on our own; we have since been kiting together and having a great time. We worked with several instructions, all of whom were excellent, and primarily with Dale, Edwin, and Tanner. Erika was super helpful and organized working with our schedules and wind conditions.For gear, Dale gave us competitively priced quotes for new and gently used gear that got us started quickly and easily. As beginners, we’ve had a lot of questions, all of which have been answered thoroughly.Overall, the team at SAK has been a valuable resource for getting us into a new sport and a joy to be around; I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Stephen KaczmarekStephen Kaczmarek
14:39 21 Jul 22
This place is amazing! Flat water, huge sand bar, no consequences with onshore wind, great instructors, no crowds! Instructors were amazing and gear was top notch! Skip the event center in Hood River and take your lessons here! You won’t regret it!!!!
Dwain HendersonDwain Henderson
01:16 18 Jul 22
Had four classes with SA Kite Boarding and it was awesome. The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable, patient and like to see the students progress. Would suggest this company and instructors to anyone who is thinking of taking classes. Edwin was my primary instructor and he is a class act. Very professional, awesome humor and technically proficient in all aspects. Good work team, I’ll be back for sure.
Scott WintersScott Winters
01:14 18 Jul 22
Great experience for a trio of first timers. Erika was excellent in communicating and explaining the classes and setting us up for success. Dale, Edwin, and Kathy were awesome getting all of us boarding in both directions. Will be coming back. Location was much less busy than up in Hood River. Nice sand bar.
Ayman ZakiAyman Zaki
19:28 17 Jul 22
These guys are the real deal!! Super friendly staff and solid instructors. I was impressed with how much progress I was able to make during the session; they neither slack nor push beyond your limit and the session is tailored to your skill level and what you need to focus on. I highly recommend them & definitely going back whenever I’m around the area.
Seth AndersenSeth Andersen
06:02 30 Jun 22
Just finished 3 days of instruction with SA Kite in Lyle. We had limited time in the area and they were great about working us in the schedule to get as much time on the water as possible. It was nice to have different instructors to be exposed to a variety of techniques and tricks. Edwin, Tanner, Dale and Erika were great!
Paul wintertonPaul winterton
23:00 04 Jun 22
Spent three sessions under the expert tutelage of Dale. Outstanding, attentive, safe, and appropriately calibrated to my skill and needs. I’m already booked again to return at the end of summer, 2022.Definite quantum leap in my learning curve, and so enjoyed the time I spent with Dale and Erika. Do not miss this opportunity with these experts.
David Patrick LorenzDavid Patrick Lorenz
20:48 19 May 22
I had an awesome two days with Dale. This was my 8th time out kitesurfing but my first in Tampa with SAK. Dale was the best of the 4 instructors I have had. He had me confidently riding upwind and working on turns by the end of our second day. In addition to the excellent instruction, I appreciated the time spent on kite set up/take down and on safety. Amazing location, looking forward to coming back.
Travis HauanTravis Hauan
02:12 13 Sep 21
Absolutely amazing experience! Owners were super friendly and helpful, the instructor was a blast and was very good. I had done beginner lesson two years ago and did a back-to-back lesson this time. I was up, riding upwind and was starting to get smoother transitions by the end. Great place, highly recommended.
Roman BogzaRoman Bogza
04:47 10 Aug 21
I really enjoyed learning to kiteboard with SA Kitesurf. Dale is an awesome instructor! Highly recommend.
Judd AlexanderJudd Alexander
23:39 30 Oct 20
Dale is a great guy and great teacher with a laid back personality. Had a great time learning to get up and ride.After going out with another teacher from another school, I realized that Dale is in it for the money.
Preston MorrisonPreston Morrison
12:19 24 Sep 20
Took lessons with SA Kitesurf in Lyle, WA and had an incredible experience. The instructors are very experienced, patient, and they are very safety oriented. Dale and Erika were incredibly helpful and easy to work with. An absolutely beautiful location in the Columbia Gorge. I had Tanner for my first lesson and he went above and beyond in his guidance and feedback. You guys rock!!! I’d highly recommend them to anyone wanting to get into the sport.

Starter Wing Foil Package

A perfect setup for anyone looking to get started with wing foiling. Unifiber is exceptional quality and design for the cost!

Weather Forecast

Take a look at the weather forecast and determine what days you may be available to do lesson. In the Gorge we typically need around 15kt+ to be able to Wing foil, so look for higher wind periods in the day and book through our online booking system accordingly. If you’re not sure, just give us call and we’ll be happy to help you book over the phone.

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